MASKast Interview

MASKast 16: Paul Panfalone Interview by Maskast on Mixcloud

Earlier this week, Jason and Wyatt from M.A.S.K. the Movie were cool enough to have me as a guest on their MASKast podcast. We discussed my childhood memories of M.A.S.K. and my inspiration behind the Spectrum and Viper posters among other nerdy things. Basically, it’s about a half hour of me geeking out about 80′s toys and hating on Michael Bay, so if you’re in to that kind of thing; listen away!

Big thanks to those guys for having me on their show, I’m a huge fan of what they are working on. I have no doubt that because of their hard work and dedication that we will finally see M.A.S.K. on the big screen someday!

Batteries Not Included: Bryant & Stratton

Batteries Not Included

In less than two weeks I will be visiting Getzville, NY to speak in front of graphic design students at Bryant & Stratton College. This is the first time I will be presenting to designers and I’m super excited about it. Even sweeter, and fitting, is the fact that Bryant & Stratton was where I earned my very first graphic design stripes; it’s all come full circle. Too cool.

I’ve been preparing my talk this week which I’ve entitled “Batteries Not Included.” It is centered around the idea that while school and work can provide us with knowledge and skill, they can’t supply the energy and motivation we need to succeed. This kind of passion comes from within ourselves, it’s inherent to anyone who genuinely loves what they do. With it we can do just about anything we set our minds on, without it…well, why even bother?

I’m really looking forward to talking design and meeting some cool people, can’t wait…see you soon Getzville!