Paul Pants - Paul Panfalone

Paul Panfalone is an artist and designer originally from East Aurora, New York, a small suburb just outside of Buffalo. After spending some time in Southern California, he is currently based out of Columbus, Ohio.

Being fortunate to have grown up in the raddest decade to be a kid: the 1980′s, Paul’s imagination was set ablaze by the comic books, cartoons, movies, and video games of that era. From lightning and laser adorned album covers to illustrated toy packaging and wicked skateboard decks, the glut of visual imagery from an 80′s childhood fueled his obsession with art and design.

During grade school, he was constantly drawing on anything he could get his mitts on. He resisted the efforts of teachers to discourage him from pursuing art, defiantly adorning the edges of textbooks and notebooks with mural-like doodles. That resulted in repeated classroom scoldings, which did nothing but strengthen his resolve.

Paul’s brother was also artistically gifted, and they set up shop in their grandparents basement by building a makeshift comic book studio. There, they spent countless hours hand-crafting complete graphic novels, from rough pencils to finished colors. Together, they developed an entire universe of characters and a sophisticated mythology that they still discuss and refine to this day.

After high school, Paul earned two separate degrees in Graphic Design. Since then, he’s launched several independent ventures, including the collaborative ‘Lovely Junkie’ and has produced work for the likes of Apple, Active, Swell, and United Airlines.

Today, Paul has focused his attention to creating artwork inspired by the pop culture iconography from his childhood. He also finds time to develop some kick-ass identity systems for this who need them.

Interested in enlisting him for your cause or project? You can get ahold of him via the contact form, or through Twitter.