Bold Choices

This just might be my favorite ad of all time. Sure it’s a spot for whiskey, but the message it delivers is crystal clear: “The choices we make define who we are.”

It may resonate a bit more with me simply because over the past few months I’ve made a series of bold decisions, both personally and professionally.

Most recently, there have been two major changes in my professional life. If you’ve visited my site in the past, the first one is pretty obvious.

I started Swivel Arms in the summer of 2011 and it has served me well, however a lot’s changed in a year and a half. It all began as an exercise to reconnect with my childhood inspiration and recapture my misplaced sense of wonder and excitement. Get back to my roots. No doubt about it, Swivel Arms was a personal success for me.

But taste and perception evolve over time, and in my case, both hit ludicrous speed at the end of last year. Out of nowhere, I felt restricted. A realization set in that I had basically outgrown Swivel Arms. I knew that a change of direction was necessary to keep me moving forward on my creative journey. And so, I may the difficult decision to blow things up.

I gathered together all the lessons and experiences of the last few years and set out to simplify my message. I needed to deliver a more accurate representation of who I am right now.

So, I began work on new brand materials in October and started slowly on the site redesign in November. There were some hurdles to overcome, such as moving all the blog posts from one domain to another, and the headaches that come with doing so. But in the end, it is was worth every profanity-laced tirade I unleashed during its development.

There may be a few quirks with the site when it goes live, but I’ll work quickly to iron out the wrinkles should any pop up. I’ll post more on my rebrand process shortly, so hold tight if you’re interested in such design nerdiness.

Now for the biggie

Remember that video up there? Well, it’s been a dream of mine to live in California for as long as I can remember. Every time I’ve visited Cali I feel like that’s where I’m supposed to be. Until recently, an opportunity had never come along for me to turn that dream into a reality.

But, this past week I was offered a front-end web developer position in the Golden State and I didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. So long East Coast, it’s been real.

Greetings from Costa Mesa, CA

In a little over a week, I’ll be cramming whatever I can fit into my Honda Civic and hitting the open road toward all points west. Not only am I moving to California, but I’m also fulfilling another lifelong goal: to drive across the country. It’s a big decision, a bold choice…and one I’m ready for. I’m shaking with anticipation.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Buffalo and will always call it home, but it’s apparent that remaining here has been holding me back in many ways. Much like I outgrew Swivel Arms, I feel my aspirations have also outgrown Buffalo. It’s time for me to take on greater challenges. I’m super stoked to get out there, it’s kinda like starting out fresh with a blank new canvas…


  1. Dude! Making some big steps. Takes some guts to do so and credit to you for making that first step!

    Loving the new site (and branding) and look forward to seeing how things turn out in 2013.

  2. Exciting stuff, Paul! New branding, new job, moving across the country, a big road trip… sounds like a blast. I’m stoked to see how it all goes for you.

    On a side note, it’ll be nice to have someone from our little community on this side of the country… though I probably won’t see any more of you than before (it’s really not all that close), so in the end I guess it doesn’t matter. Nevermind.

  3. Pants (Author)

    Thanks guys! Pumped for the new year, starting fresh…Dave, I may actually be planning an Oregon trip later this year, I’ll let you know if it comes together.

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