Serpentor Sucks!

Cobra Commander: Serpentor Sucks!

I’ve been doing a lot of doodling recently in an effort to shake the rust off my illustration gears. You can see some of this stuff popping up over on my Instagram. In this case, I decided to vectorize a little drawing of the classic G.I. Joe nemesis: Cobra Commander.

I remember when Hasbro introduced Serpentor in 1986 as the “Cobra Emperor.” In both the G.I. Joe cartoon and comic book, Serpentor unceremoniously snatched control of the Cobra organization away from Cobra Commander. I hated it. Serpentor sucked. He was just a really goofy idea receiving a big push from the toy maker. The snake-tossing freak never “got over” and disappeared into obscurity after a brief reign. I’m glad the genetically engineered dufus didn’t last too long…and so is ‘ol chrome dome.

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  1. draco

    Well Serpentor did one good thing in the sense that he made you appreciate Cobra Commander much more after he got turned into an iguana and was never heard from again.

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