Classic Sci-Fi Novel Covers

If you’re anything like me, nothing gets you’re imagination working overtime quite like classic sci-fi and fantasy illustration. It’s a bittersweet experience to delve into the intricate work that used to go into everything from movie posters to book covers; these days this kind of craftmanship is few and far between. While exploring for just such imagery, I fell face-first into a Death Star sized Flickr Pool full of classic sci-fi novel covers. Some really wicked art in there, worth a look if you have some time on your hands.

Back in grade school I used to grab a few of these things in the library and give them a read, the covers always sucked me in and the stories, oftentimes, didn’t really live up to the art on the cover. I found that if I filled in the plot holes on my own, I could make an otherwise lackluster story better. The cover art was the spark, I was able to run with it and create the rest of the visuals in my mind. It’s like when I browse for inspiration today; I find a jumping-off point and then take it the rest of the way myself.


  1. Patrick

    Awesome post, Paul! My favorite is, “Equality: In the Year 2000.”

  2. Rob

    That first one is phenomenal!

  3. Posted the robot cover on my robot blog. Enjoyed this post!

  4. Great post, Paul. It’s hard to beat retro-futuristism, whether in the style of the Jetsons or the stuff you feature here. This is one of my all time favorites (one of the covers for CS Lewis’s “Out of the Silent Planet”):

  5. Retro-futuristism is where it’s at! That CS Lewis cover is beautiful, love those mountains! Thanks for sharing bud, and thanks for all the comments :)

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