Sears Wishbook

The minute the Sears Wishbook landed on our doorstep, the Christmas countdown had officially begun. My brother and I would spend weeks leading up to the big day sifting through the Wishbook, JCPenney’s, and Montgomery Ward catalogs; circling everything we wanted that year. Needless to say, those books were in pretty rough shape by the time Christmas eve rolled around.

I love reminiscing about those days when things were so much simpler and my imagination was on hyper-drive. The sheer anticipation of Christmas morning is something I definitely miss these days, nothing has really ever come close to that feeling.

James White came across this amazing Flickr page full of hi-res scans from Christmas catalogs, these are a few of my favorite pages from when I was a youngster. Enjoy…have a Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. K-Rock

    Between my brothers and I, I do believe we ended up with just about all of these wonderful toys!

  2. Oh the memories! I couldn’t wait for the Christmas catalogs to arrive back then. It was all my brother and I could do to wrestle them away from mom so we could get our first glimpse of all the new toys coming out. We would spend the next few weeks flipping through those catalogs again and again, writing out our wish lists for Santa and for mom & dad. Those were the days!

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